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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Media Release: 17 Million Women Are Owed A Raise – 9to5 Applauds New Proposal to Raise Federal Minimum Wage

“In these tough economic times, common sense policies like increasing the minimum wage are crucial for working families struggling to support their families and build a better future,” said Linda Meric, national executive director of 9to5. “The middle class is what drives our economy. We can’t prosper as a nation unless today’s jobs and tomorrow’s jobs provide fair, decent wages.”

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Why I Became Involved with 9to5

The sexual harassment at my work place was widespread and made the female workers feel unsafe. 9to5 walked me through the process of reporting the abuse and trying to make the workplace a healthier environment for everybody

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What Being A 9to5 Member Means to Me

As a member of 9to5, I have gained a supportive network in my personal and professional life. The connections I have made are for a lifetime. I cannot imagine my life or my job without my 9to5 network supporting me. They are my backbone; they are my voice.

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Press Statement: Americans Want a Balanced and Fair Budget Now

Blind to the real hardships faced by millions of Americans and ignoring what the majority of voters in this country want, the U.S House of Representatives is set on harming our nation’s shared economic prosperity in exchange for giving tax breaks to those who need them the least.

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Media Coverage: MSNBC Story on President Obama’s call for universal preschool

Linda Meric, the national executive director of 9to5, an organization dedicated to ensuring the rights of women, applauded Obama’s decision, noting “The average cost of childcare ranges from $3,900 to $11,700 annually, often making it impossible for women in low-wage jobs to make ends meet.”

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Action Alert: Show Some Love for the 98% – We Need a Fair & Balanced Budget

Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative today and tell them to support working families by stopping tax breaks for the wealthy and protecting programs to help those most in need. We all need to pay our fair share. We cannot allow the burden to fall on the most vulnerable of our society or working families.

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