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Winning Justice for Working Women

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#MeToo: One working actress fights back

We work in an industry where harassment is so normalized that it’s basically a rite of passage for young actresses. But we are not powerless.

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Trabajadoras Together

On average, Latinas who work full time, year round make only 54 cents to every dollar made by white, non-Hispanic men. I’m the sole provider for myself and my four kids. Why should I have to work two jobs just to earn what a man can bring in working one job?

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Resources to Combat Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment on the job — and repercussions for harassers — has been in the news a lot this week. We know that sexual harassment is pervasive even in 2017, and we’ve got the resources to help you combat it in your workplace.

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Lessons from the voting rights movement

As the co-chairs of 9to5’s Board of Directors, we’re proud of our history and of 9to5’s work to engage our communities in the voting process. It’s going to take every one of us in this fight. As lifelong activists in the voting rights movement, here is how and why we stay involved.

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Strength, Hope, and Resistance in the Face of Charlottesville Terrorism

As we watched the acts of white supremacy and hatred carried out in Charlottesville, we’re outraged, heartbroken, and called to deepen our commitment to love, resistance, justice, and to each other.

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Fighting (and winning!) across generations

When my daughter was 6 months old she attended her first press conference, working to pass family and medical leave, or FMLA. This year, Kyla turns 29, FMLA turns 24, and I’m reflecting on how far we’ve come and what’s ahead of us now!

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