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Winning Justice for Working Women

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A Political Practice Lab

9to5’s Community Internship Program has taught me how people can create the changes we need for a more just and humane society.

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Family First: Why I need the Family Care Act

No one should have to choose between the job they need and caring for the family they love.

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9to5’s Leadership Series: Your Rights in the Workplace! Sat. Oct. 24

Have you ever wondered if something your employer did was legal? Discover what your legal rights and protections are in the workplace.

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What’s Your Issue? Hasset Wants to Make It Register

If the American people don’t vote, elected officials won’t have our voices in mind and will legislate based on their own agendas regarding tuition, police brutality, women’s rights, and so much more.

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Black Women’s Fight for Motherhood

As we continue to discuss reproductive rights in this country, we cannot leave black women’s fight for motherhood out of the conversation. It is essential that barriers to motherhood be removed so that every woman regardless of race and socioeconomic status has the option to give birth to healthy children and raise them in a society where their lives are valued. That is reproductive justice that truly expands the meaning of “choice.”

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9to5’s Leadership Series: Campaign Planning 101! Saturday, Sept 26

Join us for our Campaign Planning workshop! We will be learning how to plan, build, and execute a successful campaign from the ground up. The workshop will teach attendees how to recruit and develop an effective strategy for issue campaigns.

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