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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Fighting (and winning!) for the right to be pregnant on the job

Christina from Colorado shares how employers endanger pregnant workers by refusing to allow basic accommodations — and ultimately how this impacts the wage gap.

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The complexities of caregiving when your family has a loved one in prison

Marilyn from Georgia lays out how the lack of family-friendly workplace policies impact women’s income — especially in a family with a loved one in prison.

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A caregiver’s wage gap

Keisha from Wisconsin lays out how not having access to paid sick days or paid family leave contributes to the wage gap by punishing women financially for taking care of our families.

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Unequal Pay for Going Above and Beyond

Lily from Colorado shares her story of unequal pay for equal work — and all the ways she’s tried to advocate for herself.

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I Was Penniless and Homeless

Deb from Colorado describes how employment discrimination against trans women contributes to the wage gap.

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Little Did I Know…

Leisa from Texas shares how a culture of pay secrecy among co-workers, and her new employer asking about salary history, led to a history of unequal pay following her to a new job.

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