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Winning Justice for Working Women

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My Wage Gap as a Mom and Daughter

Our culture of female caregiving means that having no paid family leave hits women’s paychecks harder than men. When my younger daughter needed surgery at the same time that my elderly father needed immediate medical attention, times were tough.

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Unequal Pay for Going Above and Beyond

It wasn’t long after my employment that a local paper published all of our salaries, due to the nature of government transparency. It was through this publication that I realized, despite my previous 10 years of government experience, I was the lowest paid of the four inspectors.

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I Was Penniless and Homeless

I lost my job as an Asphalt Plant Manager in 2008. At the time, I was presenting as a man at work but starting the process of living as a woman during my personal time.

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Stop Punishing My Family for Being Poor

I don’t want to be on welfare. I’m in school and trying to use CalWORKs benefits as a tool to get back on my feet and provide for my family. But welfare policies that assume I’m trying to game the system make it an uphill battle.

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We Must Value Women’s Work!

In this country, we will pay someone more to take of our cars than we will pay them to take care of our children or elderly parents.

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Little Did I Know…

I was thrilled to be offered a job with a new company, with a sizeable raise from my old job. Little did I know how much more the offer would have been if I had been a man.

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