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Winning Justice for Working Women

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KGNU: 9to5 Colorado protests soaring RTD costs

Read about 9to5 Colorado’s coalition with Denver groups protesting the city’s soaring cost of living.

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Denver CBS4: 9to5 Colorado protests steep RTD fare

Hear about 9to5 Colorado’s successful protest of the Regional Transportation District’s A Line cost and its burden on working women.

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9to5 Colorado’s 2016 Legislative Session

As we draw another busy legislative session to a close, we’d like to give you a snapshot of our work this year. 2016 has held both legislative wins for working women & families, as well as shaped a path for our future work.

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9to5 Member Krysten on How to Get 10% More in Your Tax Refund

My name is Krysten Stevenson, and I’m a member of 9to5 Colorado, a grassroots organization that strengthens women’s abilities to win justice for working women. I’m a single mom with two young children. I also take care of my mother, who is older and has suffered from a stroke which requires me to be her caregiver. The Earned Income Tax Credit has consistently provided my family a safety net when we’ve needed it the most.

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9to5 Member Arianna on the Importance of Colorado’s New State EITC

My name is Arianna Caldwell, and I just turned 25 on Saturday. I have two kids – one four-year-old and one baby who just turned one, and I’m a single mom. The EITC has meant a lot to me in the past. In 2013, I had a job and my car recently broke down. It was going to be $2000 to fix my car, and I didn’t have that money. I was riding the bus. If I wasn’t able to pay to get my car fixed, I probably would have lost my job because my child got dropped off at preschool at 7:30 and my job started at 8:30. Using the bus, I wasn’t able to get to work on time. That year, my tax return came just in time, and I was able to pay for the necessary repairs to fix my car and keep my job.

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Fair Chance Denver

Fair Chance Denver is a campaign to pass an ordinance in Denver, CO to remove ‘the box’ on job and housing applications asking about felony backgrounds.

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