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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Action Alert: We Can’t Wait

The time is now for immigration reform. We know it, kids know it–it’s time for Congress to hear it.

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Action Alert: Are you prepared for Election Day?

Even in “off year ” elections when there are fewer high profile candidates or races, there are important positions, including city council, county commission and school board on the ballot. Are you prepared to vote?

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Action Alert: Call Now to Shut Down this Shutdown

Your voice is urgently needed. Call your Representative in the U.S. House today and urge them to end the shutdown with no strings attached.

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Next week marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. That monumental event and the organizing that followed helped reshape our country and the economy. But we aren’t done yet. Call your Senators and Congressional Representative and tell them that, on this 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, we expect them to take action on the Voting Rights Act to protect the voting rights of all Americans.

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Action Alert: Should you have to choose between your health and your job?

Contact your member of Congress now to ensure that pregnant women can work safely during their pregnancies while continuing to support their families.

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Action Alert: Protect Working Families – Support the Healthy Families Act Now

Read the heart-wrenching story of Patricia who lost her job because she didn’t have paid sick days. Then contact your Representative and Senators to ask them to support the Healthy Families Act. No one should lose their wages – or worse their job – to recover from a common illness or seek routine medical care.

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