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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Women’s Enews Op-Ed: Women’s Voices Matter in Elections

Too many women are more likely to know where the fireworks are held in July than how or when to cast a vote in November. And our democracy depends far more on this latter information.

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Denver Post Op-Ed: Home Care Work is Skilled Work

Home care workers — the majority of whom are immigrant women — are not considered “skilled” workers by our immigration system the way that Silicon Valley engineers are, but their work is vital to our families and our nation’s economy.

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CBS News: Fast Food Workers Strike, 3 Arrested

*9to5 marched alongside fast food workers and home care workers in a national strike demanding $15 an hour and the right to form a union. ...

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Member Op-Ed: On Women’s Equality Day, a Call for Paid Leave

Across the nation, women like myself struggle to make a living. We struggle to care for and provide for our families. We risk job and income loss when faced with illness or the need for maternity leave.

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Huff Post: Women’s Equality Day: Voices Unite to Say #WEMatter

Women’s Equality Day, August 26, celebrates the anniversary of the day Congress stopped denying women the right to vote: a key moment in our history brought about by women organizing to demand equal rights under the law.

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Huff Post: Mom’s Equal Pay Day Highlights How Far We Still Have to Go

Sunday may be Father’s Day but June 12 is Mothers’ Equal Pay Day, recognizing how far into 2014 moms must work to earn the same wages that fathers made in 2013 alone. On average, full-time working moms make only 69 cents to every dollarearned by full-time working dads.

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