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Winning Justice for Working Women

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Businesses support Family Leave Insurance in Wisconsin

Like most people, I have never traveled to the state Capitol to testify at a legislative hearing. But I have been a supporter of paid family leave since I found out that it didn’t exist when I was pregnant with my first son. So I support WI Family Leave Insurance (WIFI) personally, and through the Keeping Families First coalition as the representative of Mid-Day Women’s Alliance, a business women’s organization in Appleton, WI. When I heard about the Senate hearing, I blocked off my day so that I could be there to testify in support of the bill.

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9to5 Wisconsin leader Nancy Yarborough speaks out for family leave insurance

I love my job and I take pride in my work. But we all know that family and health sometimes have to come first. When that moment comes for other families, I want to make sure they can take the time to celebrate new life, care for their loved one, or say goodbye — without having to worry about paying the bills.

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A Political Practice Lab

9to5’s Community Internship Program has taught me how people can create the changes we need for a more just and humane society.

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Black Women’s Fight for Motherhood

As we continue to discuss reproductive rights in this country, we cannot leave black women’s fight for motherhood out of the conversation. It is essential that barriers to motherhood be removed so that every woman regardless of race and socioeconomic status has the option to give birth to healthy children and raise them in a society where their lives are valued. That is reproductive justice that truly expands the meaning of “choice.”

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ABC’s of People Power – Sat Aug 29th

Join us for an engaging discussion and presentation on how the legislative process works, ways to hold politicians accountable and how to make your voice heard in your community.

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