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Winning Justice for Working Women

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National Board of Directors

Board of Directors

9to5′s National Board of Directors is made up of women who are directly affected by the issues we work on. Board members are elected by their local chapters or through the Action Network.


Long Island, NY


Cathy Bernardone

Cathy Bernardone is a long-time member of 9to5 and has become a leader in the Action Network, representing the Network on 9to5’s National Board. Cathy brings a strong background in technology and is working on expanding ways in which 9to5 can continue to grow through new ideas and opportunities. Cathy’s willingness to take on new responsibilities and her excitement for growth are an amazing asset to the movement.


Sacramento, CA

Roberta Diephouse

Roberta Diephouse has been a member of 9to 5 Bay Area for approximately seven years and represents the Action Network on the national board. She joined after attending the Regional Leadership Conference in San Jose. Roberta recently moved to Sacramento from San Jose, and helped start a chapter in Sacramento. As a 9to5 leader, Roberta has facilitated workshops, met with elected officials and collaborated with allies such as the California Center for Research on Women & Families.


Milwaukee, WI

Laura Kendellen

Laura Kendellen began her involvement with 9to5 in 2009 when she became the Communications and Online Organizing Intern. In 2011, she became a Chapter Board member and is now a Board Co-Chair. She also currently sits on the National Board. Laura is the communications and program coordinator at SEIU Wisconsin State Council and is very active in local and state politics and social justice initiatives that affect workers, women, and low-income families. She has lived in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee for seven years.



San Jose, CA

Daislyn Pease

Daislyn has been a 9to5 activist in the California Bay Area for many years. All her life, fairness has been important to her, and she works for fair pay and treatment in the workplace. Daislyn participates in 9to5’s leadership training conferences, and appreciates the opportunity to reach out to other women, affect change and have some clout that one person alone can’t.




Atlanta, GA

Gloria Smith

Gloria Smith, an active member of 9to5 since 2000, is the legislative assistant of constituent services for a state house representative. In 2012, she was elected to serve as both the Chapter Board Chair and to serve on the national board for 9to5. Gloria also served from 2005-2010 with Atlanta YMCA Head Start Policy Council, Advisory Board of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity from 2006 to present. Gloria was currently nominated to serve on Project Healthy Grandparent Advisory Board for Grandparent Raising Grandchildren which is another passion of hers. She is currently raising her two grandchildren. Gloria is pleased and honored to be a part of 9to5, a group of hard working, positive women that are about making changes to better impact the lives of others.


Denver, CO

Stephanie Tierney

Stephanie Tierney joined the board of 9to5 Colorado in early 2012, and currently serves as secretary. She is an alternate on the national board. Stephanie is passionate about women’s rights, both in and out of the workplace; as well as human and civil rights. Stephanie works for the Colorado Progressive Coalition, one of 9to5’s community partners, and also volunteers for their Racial Profiling Hotline.



Los Angeles, CA

Avis Williams

Avis Williams is a native of Los Angeles and has lived in Southern California for more than 50 years. She retired from Pacific Bell Communications after 30 years of service where she was an active Union Steward and loyal member of her communications union. She became a member of the Green Party in 2008, seeking training for a green job in Solar Energy – and that’s how she learned about 9to5’s paid sick days campaign and our advocacy for family-flexible workplace policy. Avis attended her first 9to5 Annual Leadership Conference in April 2010 and enjoys sharing information about 9to5’s issues and campaigns with her community.Avis thought after retirement, part time jobs would be available, that didn’t happen. So, she returned to school, became a licensed cosmetologist and now runs her own business. Avis is unique because she doesn’t give up!