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Winning Justice for Working Women

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9to5 Awards: Lilly Ledbetter Honorees

9to5 celebrates the contributions of its members who have been affected by an economic injustice and are now leading the fight to fix it. Because of their power, creativity and determination, their actions have helped win a better future for other working women and their families. Congratulations!


Cathy Bernardone, 9to5 Action Network

Cathy  is a long-time member of 9to5 and has become a leader in the Action Network, representing the Network on 9to5’s National Board. Cathy brings a strong background in technology and is working on expanding ways in which 9to5 can continue to grow through new ideas and opportunities.




Yolanda Bucio, 9to5 Action Network

Yolanda  became active with 9to5 Wisconsin in 2011. When she moved to Houston, Texas the following year, she knew that she needed to continue to be an active 9to5 member in her community. Yolanda has done outreach through hosting informational meetings at her local library as well as coordinating events for the 9to5 National Day of Action.



Dawn Marquantte, 9to5 Colorado

Dawn first became involved with 9to5 when she wanted to speak out about the injustices of poverty.  In the past year, she has testified on multiple bills to gain economic security for low-income families in Colorado. She has led member meetings, recruited new members and developed more leaders.




Bridget Piggery, 9to5 Wisconsin

Bridget was introduced to 9to5 at a Town Hall meeting that explored the issues affecting low-wage workers in Milwaukee.  She spoke up at that meeting and for the first time in her life, felt that she was understood rather than judged by others. That’s when she knew that her voice “mattered.”  In fact, her first media interview was with a local TV station to get her response to President Obama’s State of the Union address. 



Marilynn Winn, 9to5 Atlanta

Marilynn is a formerly incarcerated individual who experienced employment discrimination for decades because of her record. In 2011, Marilynn initiated and led 9to5’s “Ban the Box” campaign to end employment discrimination against those with criminal records. Because of her efforts, the City of Atlanta became the 44th local jurisdiction in the nation in 2013 to remove the conviction history question from its job applications.